1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1. Pryamaya sells tickets and has the right to set or change the price and terms of sale of tickets, including seat location, seat capacity and other parameters, exchange or refund of lost, destroyed or damaged tickets.
1.2. Pryamaya is responsible for the content, quality, information and advertising of the event.

2. Price and payment

2.1. Prices of tickets and number of tickets for the respective price available in the Website may vary up to the moment when User has added tickets to shopping basket.
2.2. Tickets with different prices may be available for one event at the same time.
2.3. Promoter of the event keeps the rigts to develop it’s own ticket selling strategy without warning potential visitors of the event and ticket owners.
2.4. Depending on organizer’s strategy, special ticket offers or special prices may be available, and conditions and term of such offers shall be specified in description of each individual event.
2.5. Payment for tickets chosen in the I-shop shall be performed within 15 minutes, during which the client shall perform settlement of the transaction by use Stripe financial infrastructure for the internet by payment cards (VISA, VISA Electron, MAESTRO, American Express).When paying using the Internet bank, additional service fee may be applied by the bank providing the service. This depends on the terms and conditions of the agreement the customer has with the particular bank. To find out more regarding these terms, the customer must contact their bank of service.
2.6. If the payment has not been performed within 15 minutes, transaction is cancelled, tickets are put in free trade and the client shall repeat purchase transaction.
2.8. Tickets purchase in internetshop www.pryamaya.eu is paid service and fee for ticket will be added to the total sum of purchase.
2.9. Website does not provide ticket booking option and the payment for the selected tickets must be made within 15 minutes of adding them to the basket.
2.10. Pryamaya shall be entitled to cancel any purchase, if any doubt occurs in relation to possible fraudulent content of the transaction. Use of third person’s Internet banking, payment card and/or use of payment card data, including purchase of products or services shall be considered illegal.

3. Delivery

3.1.  E-ticket (PDF format, for printing by the client), after payment is done, you can print the ticket or save it for printing at a later time. The ticket shall be automatically sent to the e-mail address specified in the I-shop registration data, as well as the ticket shall be found in your Pryamaya I-shop user account, Section „Personal account-Tickets”.You can present the ticket for verification from your smartphone. By not printing your ticket, you help to contribute to a greener environment.
3.2. If you have not received your tickets by the specified deadline, please contact us by e-mal hello@pryamaya.eu on business days from 10AM - 5:00PM

4. Liability of Seller

4.1. One client shall be entitled to purchase maximum 6 tickets for one event at one purchase.
4.2. Pryamaya shall not verify identity of users, except Username and Password.
4.3. The personal data handled by Pryamaya under these Terms of Use is limited to the data granted by the visitor or user of the Pryamaya Website online by filling in the data for purchasing tickets or registering as a user of the Pryamaya Website.
4.4 You can find contact information of Pryamaya in the beginning of these Terms and Conditions of Use, and it is also available at www.pryamaya.eu.
4.5. Pryamaya does not checks the identity of ticket buyer or owner, and it does not undertake responsibility for losses caused in this regard.
4.6. Any violation of the Website Terms of Use shall entitle Pryamaya to block access to and/or cancel purchase of tickets by any user.
4.7. Pryamaya shall not be responsible for articles, comments or other data entered by the Website users on web-site.
4.8. Pryamaya web-site may include references and links to worldwide information on the Internet. Since Pryamaya has no control over these sites and information they provide, Pryamaya shall not be liable for consistency, relevance and information content of the abovementioned sites.
4.9. Any usage of this website (for ticket sales, advertising, business purposes or any other commercial activity), including reference to Pryamaya, without prior written consent by Pryamaya, shall be prohibited.

5. Liability of Purchaser

5.1. User of the Website shall agree not to interfere in any way with proper functioning and technical solutions of the Website. Any monitoring of use of the Website and copying, reproducing, adjusting, using and publishing data for any purpose shall be prohibited. Any action that may cause unreasonably large download on the Website or ticket booking system shall be prohibited.
5.2. When using the Website, users shall confirm/agree:
5.2.1. That they are at least 18 years old and fully liable persons (for persons of 7-18 years having limited liability, confirmation by fully liable person is required to use the Website);
5.2.2. To observe all Terms of Use of the Website;
5.2.3. To bear full responsibility for not disclosing his/her Username or Password to any third party;
5.2.4. Not to use any third person’s payment card;
5.2.5. To observe terms of ticket use which are printed on each ticket.
5.3. In case of any violation of these Terms of Use, Pryamaya shall be entitled to block access and/or cancel purchase of tickets by any user.

6. Cancellation of Order

6.1. Refunds for E-tickets are possible no later than three calendar days before the start of the event. And also in case of cancellation, replacement or postponement of the event by the organizer.
6.2. If the event is cancelled client will receive refund of nominal value of the ticket.

7. Protection of personal data

7.1. The User’s personal data is processed by Pryamaya. The User’s personal data is processed in compliance to the Personal Data Protection Act valid in the Republic of Estonia.
7.2. Pryamaya collects the personal data of the Users upon registering on the Website and their following use of the Website in other ways.
7.3. The processed personal data is presented by the User on the Website upon entering the information necessary for the purchase of Tickets or upon registering on the Website. This data includes the User’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, and all the necessary data for payment execution.
7.4. Pryamaya uses the personal data for the purposes of providing and developing services for the User. The named services mostly include the selling of Tickets to Users on the Website and the sending of a newsletter.
7.5. The User has the right to withdraw given consent to use his personal data at any time and demand that the processing of their personal data is stopped and all collected personal data is erased or closed. This also includes demanding the closing of their user account. The User has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time via the Website, following the instructions provided in the Pryamaya newsletters. The consent to process aforementioned personal data cannot be withdrawn retroactively.
7.6. Pryamaya does not forward any personal data provided by the User to third parties, excluding for purposes listed in point 7.4 when data is forwarded to companies belonging to the same group as Pryamayaor in the occurrence that the business is transferred to third parties who are taking possession of Pryamaya.

8. Final provisions

8.1. The Terms and Conditions of Use shall enter into force between Piletilevi and the User from the moment the User gives the respective electronic confirmation of acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use or when the User begins using the Website.
8.2. Piletilevi has the right to change the Terms of Use by publishing the corresponding information on the Website. The changes take effect at the moment of their publishing on the Website.
8.3. In the event that any clauses in the Terms of Use are invalid due to a conflict with the law, the validity of other clauses in the Terms of Use remains unaffected. If any clause in the Terms of Use is as a condition type empty, such kind of clause is valid in case the User is not consumer.
8.4. The legal relationships between Piletilevi and the User resulting from Website usage are applicable to the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Any disputes involving the parties resulting from the current Contract will be resolved through negotiation. In the event that no agreement can be reached through negotiations, all disputes will be handled in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.